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BD240 - Domestic 2 Section Ladder 182.06 Shipping 0.00 each

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BD240 - Domestic 2 Section Ladder domestic-2-section-ext-ladder

The Best Quality Double Extension Ladder for Sale in Ireland

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This is a FIRST CHOICE ladder


  • Top quality Domestic Extension ladder made from high-grade aluminium.
  • Fitted with large 'D' shaped rungs for maximum safety and comfort.
  • Suitable for household applications.
  • Fitted with high-grip PVC feet [replaceable].
  • This product conforms to BS2037 Class 3 standard.
  • Robust design to give long life and reliablility.
  • Engineered for long life & reliability.
  • Affordable prices for a top quality ladder.
  • Lightweight but strong. Very stable. Very rigid.
182.06 Shipping 0.00 each


  • *Extended Height* 7160mm
  • *Closed Height* 3890mm
  • *Number of Rungs* 2 x 13
  • *Capacity* 150KG Kite-Marked