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Standard Kikstep

Standard Kikstep 39.95

Available from Stock Buy SaFe and be SaFe!

  • *No. of Steps* 2
  • *Standing Height* 450mm
  • *Reach Height* 1950mm
Heavy Duty Kikstep

Heavy Duty Kikstep 66.00

Heavy Duty Kiksteps are a safe way of accessing shelves up to 2 metres in height. Like all our ladders and safety Steps, Our Range of Heavy Duty Kiksteps comply with all Health & safety regulations. They are widely used in Retail Stores, Factories, Hospitals, Schools and offices. They are very versatile and easy to use.

  • *No of Steps* 2
  • *Standing Height* 450mm
  • *Reach Height* 1950mm
  • *Material* Armoured Steel
  • *Safety* Retractable castors/Non-slip rubber rim
Kick Stools

Kick Stools 49.99

We have a vast range of Step stools and kiksteps for all your needs and applications, ready for delivery within 2 hours. We operate a country-wide delivery service.

  • *Standing Height* 420mm
  • *Reach Height* 1940mm
  • *Colour choices* Grey, Red, Cream, Black
Step Stools

Step Stools 48.80

We carry huge quantities and a vast range of Step Stools for every use and application. Just email us your order to or phone our sales office on 01-8222855. We will dispatch your order within 2 hours

  • *Step surfaces* High-grip rubber
  • *Standing Height* 425mm
  • *Reach Height* 1925mm

Kikstep 49.00

crawley ladders are proud suppliers of high-quality ladders and steps. We are also large stockists of Kiksteps. Our kiksteps, like all our products, are built to the highest standard and are certified to EN14183-F Standard. These quality steps are also GS Rated. We Deliver Nationwide. Kiksteps are used by Hospitals, Hotels, Retail Stores, Schools, Factories & Offices. They are also useful in the Home.

  • *Standing Height* 420mm
  • *Reach Height* 1920mm
  • *No. of Steps* 2
  • *High-grip rubber rim for greater floor grip
Office Step Stools

Office Step Stools 51.00

Our vast range of Kiksteps and Step stools include our renowned Office Step Stool. These steps are widely used in Offices and institutions across the globe and provide safe access to elevated areas such as shelves and archives. The Office Step Stool is sturdy, well-built and long-lasting.

  • *Conforms to Standard* EN14183-F
  • *No. of Steps* 2
  • *Standing Height* 450mm
  • *Reach Height* 1950mm
High-Visability Kikstep

High-Visability Kikstep 99.00

Hi-Vis Kiksteps are ideal for working environments where a large number of staff work in confined areas or where persons with limited or reduced vision operate.

  • *No. of Treads* 2
  • *Standing height* 1950mm
  • *Working height* 1600mm
Kiksteps for the Textile Industry

Kiksteps for the Textile Industry 66.00

This Kikstep is manufactured specifically for the textile Industry. It is Light-weight but very strong. Its robust castor wheels resist damage from entangled treads & fibres which may be picked up off the shop floor. If you are in the clothing industry or have a shop which sells textile products, then this is the safety kikstep for you.

  • *Standing Height* 420mm
  • *Reach Height* 1920mm
  • *Colour* Bright Beige
Supermarket Kikstep

Supermarket Kikstep 59.95

Available from Stock

  • *No. of Steps* 2
  • *Standing height* 450mm
  • *Reach Height* 1950mm