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About Us

P.J. Crawley Engineering Ltd was set up in 1984 by PJ. & Eamonn Crawley. Over the last 32 years, we have focused on product development and manufacturing. The Crawley family have a long history of engineering and manufacturing excellence, dating back to 1912. Today, we are the leading manufacturers of quality safety steps & ladder Equipment in Ireland.

P.J. is a hands-on director, wholly dedicated to producing top quality equipment and personally involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Most of our products are designed and tested by PJ. His vast experience in manufacturing ensures that the customer receives a high quality Irish-made product at the lowest cost possible.

We manufacture quality Irish-made ladders & steps for commercial businesses, the retail sector, government institutions, hospitals and large industries. Our clients know that they will always enjoy the professional services and care which our expert team offer. PJ is always at hand to deal with customer concerns and to ensure that the product is the best that it can be.

We never compromise on quality. We always offer the lowest price. There is never any deviation from either. We operate an effective in-house quality system [built by Mr. Eamonn Crawley, late of UCD]. We keep our own costs under tight control so that we can pass these savings to our clients. We are fully tax compliant and fully insured. Our staff are dedicated professional engineers.


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Our Team

PJ. Crawley Engineering Ltd is dedicated to product quality and customer care. Our staff are fully trained and are ready to help with any enquiry. We have 32 years experience in the ladder and step manufacturing industry and many of our staff have been with us throughout these years. Our manufacturing team consists of fully qualified welders and fabricators who have vast experience with making steps.

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